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The Greywater Recycling System (GRS) is a gravity fed primary treatment, shallow sub-surface distribution and irrigation system which re-uses greywater for watering the vegetation in the garden. The greywater is distributed immediately as it is produced to garden irrigation areas, not stored in a tank. Everytime you turn on a tap in the house you water the garden.

The GRS does not use a conventional storage or treatment tank because storing greywater promotes the breeding of bacteria and the associated odours. The GRS does not allow any greywater to collect or pool in the system in any way. This ensures that the greywater quality does not deteriorate and pose a potential health risk. The greywater that enters the garden irrigation areas is the same quality as the water we were just in contact with, in the bath in the shower, the wash tub or the kitchen sink.

Schematic Plan

The GRS is the ideal companion system for composting toilets and blackwater septic systems. The GRS is rated for up to 10 people to recycle up to 2000 litres of greywater per day using irrigation areas 70 square metres in size.

The GRS does not use chlorine for disinfecting the greywater, and does not have any electrical or moving parts. The GRS has no operating costs and is low maintenance, about two hours per year. The GRS has a 20 year warranty.

Installation of the GRS can be by a qualified plumber of your choice. Depending on the complexity of your particular site installation can be one to two days.

DESIGN LIMITATIONS - Please Note: The GRS, as specified, must be installed with the garden irrigation beds lower than the greywater source they service. There are design solutions to this using a 450 litre pumpout tank and electric pump but this is outside the specification approval for the GRS and must be approved by your local government agency.