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Hair and lint are the two main pipe blocking agents in greywater. The GRS prevents blocking of the greywater outlets by using large aperture outlets (50mm diameter) not small diameter outlets (3mm - 5mm) as in conventional wastewater pipe systems. And there are no filters to clean as all of the hair and lint passes through the GRS to compost in the irrigation areas.


The greywater outlets are designed to prevent plant roots entering and blocking the GRS distribution pipes.

Pathogens, bacteria and virus', in the greywater are filtered out in the topsoil of the greywater irrigation areas. These anaerobic organisms are digested in the hostile, aerobic environment in the topsoil of the greywater irrigation areas. Healthy irrigation areas should have a high population of naturally occuring soil organisms, worms, insects and bacteria.

Maintenance is approximately one hour per year for the inspection of each of the ten outlets.