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Greywater which is only mildy contaminated when it enters a septic tank becomes a noxious, pathogenic effluent when it comes in contact with the grossly contaminated toilet waste already in the tank.

Diverting and reusing greywater into the subsurface watering of garden vegetation greatly improves the operation of septic systems by decreasing the effluent load in the tank and the subsequent output of noxious effluent. The operation of septic systems is greatly improved when the greywater does not go into the septic tank. Less water into the septic means less polluted effluent out reducing the health risks to you and the environment. Odours from gases generated in the septic such as hydrogen sulphide and methane are greatly reduced because less water in means less gas out.

A much smaller land application area is required if the septic tank is treating blackwater (toilet waste) only. If your current septic system trenchs have failed then you can reuse your greywater in the garden and install a much smaller and less expensive trench system.

If your local council requires you to upgrade your septic tank to an expensive package treatment plant (up to $15,000 to install and $1,000 per year to operate and maintain) then greywater reuse is the option for you.