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The GRS Aerobic Grease Filter costs $1100 gst included, delivery and installation not included.

The GRS Distribution System is a simple and robust irrigation system made from 56mm HDPE pipe. It is simple to install and maintain, The cost of the Distribution System to service all greywater sources is $1210 gst included delivery amd installation not included.

There are also local council fees and may be council regulations which require installation and/or service inspections. Some local authorities require the manufacturer of wastewater treatment systems to inspect installations and/or check the system once or twice a year. Although the GRS is designed to be maintained by the householder any council requirement must be adhered to and a fee of $250.00 applies per visit (100 klms radius Brisbane). Check with your council to see if this a requirement for the GRS. In addition your installation may have to be signed off by a local accredited wastewater engineer or designer. Your local council will tell you if this is a requirement then check the yellow pages for qualified service providers to supply quotes.

Delivery costs are from Brisbane. Check with ECO Design for delivery charges to your site.

Installation costs for your GRS will vary depending on your site and plumber. Difficult sites (very steep and/or rocky) may cost more. If the depth of the topsoil in the areas you wish to irrigate is 150mm or more then heavy machinery (backhoes or bobcats) are not required to dig up the irrigation areas. Small ditch diggers for the sewerage pipe are all that is required. Sites with less than 150mm topsoil will need to add topsoil and mulch to the irrigation areas which are ripped to a depth of 200mm and the topsoil mixed in 50-50.

When you decide the GRS is the system you want a 25% deposit is required prior to producing the GRS Installation Plan for your site based on information you provide. The GRS site plan is used for your application to council and for the installation of the system by your plumber.

Final Payment plus delivery costs is required prior to despatch. Allow 2 weeks for delivery. Your "GRS Installation, Operation & Maintenance Manual" will forwarded to you with your receipt.

There are no operating or maintenance costs for the GRS as it has no moving parts and does not use chemicals or electricity. The life of the system is based on the longevity of UV safe HDPE plastic.