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Greywater is the waste water from our kitchen sinks, washing machines, laundry tubs, hand basins, spas, the shower and bath.

Greywater is contaminated with organic and faecal matter, pathogens, bacteria and virus' from human contact and from the chemical cleaning products we use. Handled appropriately greywater can be safely re-used to water vegetation in the garden. Effective greywater reuse depends on the aerobic organisms in the topsoil to digest the contaminants in the greywater.

The nutrients in the cleaning products are readily absorbed by the vegetation being watered. The pathogens are digested by naturally occuring aerobic organisms in the soil such as bacteria and worms.

How much greywater do we make and how much water do we use in the garden? According to state and local authorities we each use about 140 litres of water per day for cleaning and washing - greywater.

How many people in your household and how much greywater do you make?

1 person 140 litres per day
2 people 280 litres per day
3 people 420 litres per day
4 people 560 litres per day
5 people 700 litres per day
6 people 840 litres per day
7 people 980 litres per day
8 people 1120 litres per day
9 people 1260 litres per day
10 people 1400 litres per day

How much greywater do you produce? Let's compare it to water we use in the yard.

If we assume a common garden sprinkler connected to a common garden tap uses water between (20 to 40) 30 litres per minute. After one hour the sprinkler would have used 1800 litres.

30 litres X 60 minutes = 1800 litres per hour

1800 litres is 400 litres more than our total greywater production for 10 people at 1400 litres per day. If we watered the garden with the sprinkler for just a few hours we could be using around 5400 litres of fresh water in the garden.

The amount of greywater we produce can easily be absorbed into garden reuse.