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Recycles water back into the environment using the plants in your gardens.

The ECO Design greywater system is a complete, low cost and low maintenance, treatment and distribution system. The distribution system is designed to be maintainable and prevent clogging from hair, lint and plant roots.

You simply water the garden every time you have a shower, do the laundry, wash the dishes or brush your teeth. Reuse all or just part of your greywater to keep your garden alive during the drought and ongoing water restrictions.

The system can be installed to reuse the water from just the bathroom or from the bathroom and the laundry (where most of the water is used) or the entire greywater output from your house.

Systems cost from $700.00* for a single greywater source to $1400.00* for two greywater sources and $2100.00* for a complete system for the whole house (* plus GST, delivery and installation).