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We can assess the viability of our system being installed on your site at no cost or obligation to you. Please forward a copy of the site and house floor plans so we may check the proposed installation. We well then adise if our system is suitable and then provide a quote for your consideration.

There are three main types of GRS you can order for part or total greywater reuse plus additional add on components.

GRS for Bathroom Only $700.00 (plus GST & Delivery)
GRS for Bathroom & Laundry $1400.00 (plus GST & Delivery)
GRS for Total Greywater Reuse $2100.00 (plus GST & Delivery)
GRS for Additional Sources $700.00 (plus GST & Delivery)

If you are seeking installation approval from your local council then a 1 - 200 site plan will be completed by us as part of your GRS package. Please have a look at the "GRS Design" page for the information we require to prepare your GRS Site Drainage Plan. A 25% deposit is required before the site plan is produced.

25% Deposit for Bathroom GRS $175.00 (GST included)
25% Deposit for Bathroom & Laundry GRS $350.00 (GST included)
25% Deposit for Total GRS $525.00 (GST included)
25% Deposit for Additional Sources $175.00 (GST included)

The remainder is payable upon placement of your order.

If you would like to order your Greywater Recycling System and pay by credit card then you can phone or fax your order to us. (See "Contacts" page for details. Delivery is up to 2 weeks.

Payment can be made by mail with a Money Order, Bank or Personal Cheque, sent to ECO Design at the address below.

Direct Deposit is preferred, account details are provided on tax invoices. Credit card transactions incur an additional 4.5% fee.

ABN - 33 190 648 366