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We can assess, at no cost or obligation to you, if our system is suitable to your site based on you providing a floor and site plan.

After we have assessed the suitability and you decide the ECO Design greywater system is the appropriate system to install we can proceed to the installation plan. As part of the greywater system product package we produce a 1-200 scale greywater installation plan of your site. A 25% deposit is required to complete the installation plan.

The required information is as follows -

  1. Name of owner
  2. Address of site
  3. Contours, slope & watercourses
  4. Property boundaries, length and direction
  5. All existing buildings and distance to boundary
  6. Existing drainage or floor plan showing all greywater sources, bath, shower, basins, tubs, sinks, spas
  7. Vehicular tracks
  8. Location and approximate size of existing trees, shrubs & groundcovers
  9. Locations of soil sampling sites
  10. Locations of where you want to irrigate, downhill from your house site

The 1-200 scale plan is suitable, and usually required, for submission to your local council and for installation purposes, showing the details provided plus the proposed layout of the greywater system.

  1. Greywater outlet locations
  2. Proposed irrigation beds
  3. Distribution pipes
  4. Aerobic grease filter
  5. Stormwater diversion mounds & trenches
  6. Sewer pipe layout and inspection openings
  7. Total trench lengths
Most local councils require an accredited soil or wastewater engineer to assess and sign off on the wastewater treatment systems (greywater and blackwater) installed on your site. If this is required by your local council check the yellow pages for a suitable local provider.